Too Hot!

Well it’s hot. Very hot. Too hot for me. I’ve been hiding inside, too hot to write, too hot to read in my little tent, and this weekend i have a 5km walk for charity (that’s about 3 miles) madness! And a bbq to follow, which is less mad. (If you want you can sponsor me for any of the races I’m doing. 5km for cancer, and 2km for alzhimers HERE)

Before the heat struck I sent out three stories to magazines, something I haven’t done in ages. It took most of the day. In that time i discovered the Duotrope, which used to be a very good website for magazine listings, now charges. Thank the cats, Ralan is still free, and still useful.

And I have been doing some work on a short story collection I’m putting together. Not the faerie one, i don’t have enough stories for that, but a collection of my previously published stories. Does it count as self published when I’m printing it myself, but they were all edited and vetted by publishers? Not sure.

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