Ten years ago

It was ten years ago when a good friend of mine, Alisa, had an asthma attack and died. She was 21. Her death hit me hard, though we weren’t as close then as we had been, we had both moved apart, she had been a good friend for a while, and always someone i was glad to have in my life. All my books are and will be dedicated to her, and my parents and grandparents, because I think it’s important to honour those who are alive, my parents, and have a big impact in your life, but to also remember the dead, and the impact they had as well.

Those ten years went so fast, it’s scary. I was working on the Shadow Seer then. The book itself was written quickly, but i was scared of sending it out, of being rejected, and worked to edit it for years instead. I finally did, but I’m still working on the series. I haven’t moved on from it yet. I haven’t done anything much with those ten years. At the time I created a page to Ailsa, with a guestbook, so I could forward the messages to her parents. One friend said how we should remember that life doesn’t begin tomorrow (words to that effect at least.) And she’s right. Life doesn’t. It’s now. So, ten years on, I have to get on with this. Writing is my dream. I have to finish editing, get the book out, finish the next one, and move on. Make it my life, my career, not just a half-assed hobby/career mix that it is at the moment. Learn from what happened to Ailsa, make the most of my life, live my dreams, but not forget her. Never that.

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