Bristol, Cardiff and Beyond!

Well, tomorrow I’m at Bristol, doing a reading/signing. Next weekend if Cardiff Expo, for signing, with Joanne Hall (see my calender for details on all this) And in April Joanne and I are doing a signing in Swansea Oxfam Bookshop! I have the flyers for that, so have to get on promoting, and hopefully people will show this time. It’s hard being a writer these days, having to promote. People don’t come if they don’t know you, and won’t get to know you if they don’t come. But on the advice of a friend I have rejoined Twitter, to see if that will help me get out there more, and I missed the postings of the Horrible Histories gang. This is ME on twitter, feel free to follow me. I’m still on Facebook, of course.

For my reading tomorrow i have put together an introduction, so i won’t ramble like an idiot. I will, of course, have to start thinking of something else to read for other readings, otherwise people may get bored of hearing me the same thing! I remember hearing Robin Hobb read from Shaman’s Son, in Glasgow, a few years back, and she sounded fairly bored. I didn’t much like the book anyway, but i think if even the writer sounds bored reading it, it’s not going to appeal much to new readers. The issue, of course, is what to read? Something drammatic, but not too spoilery, that doesn’t require too much introduction. Hmm.

Still, busy few months, hopefully a busy year, with lots of sales, and this book/series finished!

And training for Race for Life. Now that I have my depression under some control, I’ve signed up for the 5k Cancer Walk/Run. I did it 5 years ago, and enjoyed it, so I’m looking forward to that. Set myself a high target though, so if anyone out there fancies sponsoring me . . .