Still editing book 2, removing long sentences and rewriting bad bits. It’s a long job, has taken me a week, doing about 20 pages a day. But it is an interesting thing to do, in its way, as well as tiring and frustrating, to see traits in my writing that I had no idea of when writing. In the Seer’s Tower that seems to be the use of the word ‘surprise.’ Everything is surprising Candale at the moment. I am going through it, mixing everything up, but it does interest me how a word can get stuck in your head like that. I’ve noticed it with other writers. Carol Berg, who is one of my favourites, will use a word like ‘clod,’ (for private parts.) Use it again shortly after and then never use it again in any of her books. It’s why editing is so important, I think, to catch repetitious words and phrases, as well as bad grammar and long, rambling sentences. And it’s why I always leave time in between writing and editing, to clear my brain so I can look at it afresh, although it can be disheartening. The book that seemed excellent when you’d finally finished it, is now full of flaws. Twice now I’ve been struck with the, oh god this is awful, bug. The, why should i bother at all, I’m crap, feeling. And perhaps some people will agree with me, but I’m fixing the flaws, making it the best that I can, and that’s all i can do. Even with all the surprises.

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