Self publishing.

Generally i don’t like self publishing. It’s too easy for someone to write something and publish it themselves and call themselves a writer, without putting any thought or effort into what they’re writing, without editing it or anything else. At conventions people always ask if I am self published, probably because they feel the same way about it. And it is easy. Smashwords, Lulu, Create Space will take your file, make it into a book, e or print, and there you are. Done. You just need to make sure you get the formatting right, and they have files to help you with that. But I am looking to do it for a small collection of previously published short stories that I have, as a way to get my name out to more people, and because i don’t really know what else to do with them. So far it was fairly easy.

But what wasn’t easy was the whole tax system thing afterwards! Those publishers are US based, if i don’t want them to keep my royalities i need a tax number and to apply to get said royaltiies. And that’s where it gets confusing. I’m british and a small business, in the UK. So i had to work out what sort of tax number i needed to get, what form i needed.

After a lot of confusion, I was directed to this website: 

Which made it all easy again :)

And now i need to ring someone, get that number, and fill in some more forms to send to Create Space and Smashwords. And it’s done.

Just waiting on the cover now and hopefully my little collection of stories will be out in time for Bristol Con in October.

NOTE: I rang 08438 360065 FIRST to make the call cheaper. then 00 as the exit code for UK before dialing the number. Got through, got my EIN :)

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