Out and About

Well, I’ve been a fairly busy bee again. I’ve signed up to do a market on 6th April, at Sketty, here in Swansea. Another, a craft fair, on the 28th June, Scardiff, in Cardiff in October (see the Calender for details on all this)

And now, I’ve got a table for the weekend at Margam Park’s Heroes and Legends Convention. This is pretty exciting for me because a, it’s local, and b, Sylvester bloody Mccoy! :) He was my first Doctor Who and, before Matt Smith, my favourite! By then my collection of short stories, based on the Greek Myths will be out and ready to go! I’m actually rather proud of the stories, the way they came out, so am looking forward to sharing them with the world. And I have to thank Rohaa Langenhof and Natalie Walker Millman for proof reading them and helping me to perfect them (the latter for also being a very supportive friend when I had neighbour issues. I had wanted to put that into one of the stories too, but I couldn’t get it together. Maybe for a later collection :) ) I’d like to thank my parents, too, for offering to give them a final edit. They will be as good as they can possibly be by launch time and I really hope people will enjoy them.

And I set my novel finish deadline for July 27th, when I do race for life. I’m really going to have to work to get it done by then!

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