Musings on the new project

Writing something completely new is fun. Four days into Forest of Ghosts and I am still enjoying it. I like having a whole new world, new religion and way of living to create and introduce, and new characters to get to know as they take shape. It’s fun and exciting, the way reading a new book is.

But, also difficult. You have to avoid info dumping, that is, putting too much information about the world, the characters, their settings and history, in one go. But also you have to avoid confusing people, by not explaining things that they need to know about that world or the characters. And there is the problem of everything sounding so very, very stupid! Fantasy and sci fi and horror in particular have this problem. You’re talking about monsters, ghosts, magic, things that don’t exist in the world as we know it, and it really does sound very silly, until you’re up and running and fully into the world that you’re creating.

But, the fun, the excitment, wins out. Anything is possible, when you start a new book. It can go in any direction. And anything can happen with it. Will it be the one that makes my name? Makes me rich and famous and inspires a tv show or film? Probably not, but the chance is there, and that’s exciting too.

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