Heroes and Legends Convention

Well my first proper convention with like famous people from TV and film is all over and it was SO GREAT. Okay, I didn’t sell as much as I would have liked, but I did sell some books and jewelry and mugs, and people thought my jewelry was pretty, which is always nice. And dragging the suitcase about was a nightmare as Port Talbort train station has no sodding lift and the case was crammed with books, but it was worth it I think, as I had a fun, wacky time indeed.

We were in a room with Darth Vader himself, and a man selling tonnes of toys, including a Trapdoor Burke, which I wish I had purchased. Next door were some people I didn’t know, signing pictures, and in the room behind was Rimmer and Holly from Redwarf! Also in attendance on the first day was a darlec, K9 and some aliens.

On the second day we had Iron Man, a party cat robot, and my mum went on a ghost tour with Holly and Rimmer, and the former poked her and tried to scare her! I saw him at the train station and he waved from the train :) Mostly because he heard us giggling across the platform as I tried to get mum to wave at him.

Mum took a lot of photos, which I will add to the gallery in due time. At the moment you can find mine on facebook and I will be updating as soon as I can :)

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