Craft fairs and things!

Doing my first craft fair this sat. I’ve done Whitby, in the past, a market in Nottingham, (back in my goth shop days) and a Pagan Market here in Swansea and Bristol Con, in Bristol, but this is my first craft fair! I’m taking my books (that’s a craft) including the new one, and the pendants i’ve made with the cover images, as well as other bits left over from the goth shop days. It’s the first time I’ve taken the new book or the pendants out, so I’m curious to see what people think and I am looking forward to it, though I know it’s only a small room, so may not get many shoppers in. The week after I’m doing another one, in a bigger venue, so I may do better . . . But I have to try, right? And in 7 weeks is the Margam Park convention, which I’m looking forward to a lot, because it’s new, it’s in a castle and Sylvester Mccoy is going to be there! After that it’s quiet until October and Scardiff, and then a few more markets in November/Dec and then the year is over! It’s gone really fast!

Hoping to have book 3 finished by the end of the year. Of course, I’ve said that before, and in the summer sun, it’s hard to sit here and write stuff when I just want to be lazing around somewhere, drinking something frosty and blue and eating icecream. But I gotta get it done, or the thing will be around forever!

So yeah, busy time starts this weekend and hopefully it will all go well :)

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