Chester: future inspiration and some idea gathering

Just returned from a holiday in Chester with the parentals. It’s a gorgeous city, old buildings (tho not all medieval as they appear, some are Victorian) haunted, and with a roman amphitheater. there is also a zoo fairly near by. All in all, a great place and a fountain of inspiring ideas. The Forest of Ghosts will be featuring some of the gorgeous buildings, with their half timbered fronts, carvings, black framed windows and ‘the rows,’ a series of shops above shops, with outside streets to access them. It will also have a zoo, i think, although whether my hero, Sylan, will get to visit it, I’m not sure yet. Certainly i may use some of the ghost stories i heard on the ghost tour. I think that using real places, real things, and making them your own can make a book more vivid, more real, and means i can use photos to create a gallery of that world to help show what i mean.

Sitting on the train to Chester I managed to get a couple of ideas together for my faerie short story collection, which is what I’m working on at the moment, just to give me a break from Dale’s saga for a while. Currently I’m working on Seven Years, which is about the creation of a witch. But i have stories in mind featuring Jenny Greenteeth, and another with one of the hellhounds. We shall what will become of it.

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