Life and death and things

Following on from my last post, where I talked about losing internet friend Nathalie, I have no lost my baby boy, Mr Kitty. A cat, but not to me. To me he was my best friend, my comfort, my everything. Always with me, in my bed, on my sofa, grabbing me for snuggles, greeting me with a hello squeak, he was the best friend I’ve ever had. I miss him. More than I thought it was possible to miss anything. When I’m not crying, I’m trying to move on, to keep it together, but the tears come again and again and it’s hard, because death is hard. Because suddenly something you love and cherished is gone, there’s a huge hole but everyone else carries on as though nothing had changed at all. It’s surreal.

So, sod book three. The Forest of Ghosts was the book that was going to feature mr kitty and his two friends, my other cats, Claudia and Meg, and also my friend Nathalie, who died last year. So that is what I am working on. I always went back and forth from that book to book 3, but right now, that’s the book i need to work on, to bring my kitty back, in some form.

mr kit modelling my promotion pens

mr kit modelling my promotion pens


Along with that, I am working on a series of nonfiction mythology horror articles. I have a regular spot, which is nice, in Sanitarium magazine. You can read my first article, the Ancient Walking Dead, here: I enjoy writing nonfiction. I did a masters at university, over a decade ago, and this brings me back to that, to the love of research and taking characters apart. I hope you enjoy reading it.

I’ve also signed up for two conventions, one in Bristol in October, and one in Carmathen in March. Hoping they will be fun.