I’ve been having luck selling at craft fairs, meeting new people and getting my books out and about into the world, but this weekend is the Heroes and Legends convention in Margam Park. I’m pretty excited. This is the biggest convention I’ve done, with famous actor type people that I’ve actually heard of going to be there, I’ve got lots of copies of my books, as well as the jewellery I’ve been working on based on them, and some other bits and pieces, so hopefully it will all go well! Review of it to follow!

Been a bit stressed recently. As I’m a writer full time, I get benefits to help support, but they have decided in their ‘wisdom’ that as I cannot guarantee an income (what creative, self employed person can ever guarantee an income?) they have cut me off. So I doubly hope to do well this weekend so I can show them how stupid and *insert swear* they are.

But I did get a really nice review of my short story horror collection on Amazon. It made me feel better to know that a, people like my writing, b, I can write creepy, and c, my editing worked because the characters were all clearly identified and in the original version of the Hecuba story, that wasn’t really true!

So, on I go. :) Writing and hoping and waiting for my mum to turn up.

Craft fairs and things!

Doing my first craft fair this sat. I’ve done Whitby, in the past, a market in Nottingham, (back in my goth shop days) and a Pagan Market here in Swansea and Bristol Con, in Bristol, but this is my first craft fair! I’m taking my books (that’s a craft) including the new one, and the pendants i’ve made with the cover images, as well as other bits left over from the goth shop days. It’s the first time I’ve taken the new book or the pendants out, so I’m curious to see what people think and I am looking forward to it, though I know it’s only a small room, so may not get many shoppers in. The week after I’m doing another one, in a bigger venue, so I may do better . . . But I have to try, right? And in 7 weeks is the Margam Park convention, which I’m looking forward to a lot, because it’s new, it’s in a castle and Sylvester Mccoy is going to be there! After that it’s quiet until October and Scardiff, and then a few more markets in November/Dec and then the year is over! It’s gone really fast!

Hoping to have book 3 finished by the end of the year. Of course, I’ve said that before, and in the summer sun, it’s hard to sit here and write stuff when I just want to be lazing around somewhere, drinking something frosty and blue and eating icecream. But I gotta get it done, or the thing will be around forever!

So yeah, busy time starts this weekend and hopefully it will all go well :)


I’m doing a giveaway. I’ve done one before, on goodreads. It did OK, so now I want to see how it compares doing it via facebook, with the aid of Rafflecoptor. So far, not so good! I need more shares, more entries!

So, to win a copy of my short story Greek myth horror collection, a pendant, postcard and keyring, just enter below! Free and worldwide!

DO IT! :)


Updates and things

Well, not much going on! But I’ve decided to make and sell some pendants of my book covers. Starting with the Seer’s Tower and the Child-Eaters’ Society, covers, as those seem the most adaptable and are the prettiest. I’m hoping it will work out, but printing the images is a damn pain! I will be giving one away, with the new book, and some other bits, when i get 100 likes on facebook! (and I’ve made it)

There’s also a new interview with me HERE.

And my new book is available from the buy section of my website. All signed and things :)

And this weekend my friend Joanna Hall’s new book is out. I have an interview with her going live then, so check back and see!


Free story and things!

Well, my new book is now available in print from and and European Amazons, alongside the kindle. And if you buy it in print, you should get a free kindle version too! :)

And I have a free short story available on smashwords. Medyna’s Choice is the prequel to my novel series, also included in the Rules of War and Other Stories short story collection.

And, there’s a new interview with me on the website/blog of me friend and Bristol con manager and grey hound slave, Joanne Hall :) Read it HERE!

Ah doubts

So, I spent a long time working on my Greek myth short stories, I got it checked by friends and my mum, I made sure that it was the best that it could be. And today it went live, with the cover and everything.

And instantly I regret it! I have doubts! Will it not be horror enough? Will people find it boring? Will they find it confusing? Is it not close enough to the original myths? ARG!

Never had these doubts when my novel came out, probably because a publisher did it. This I released myself because, as I’ve said before, it’s not long enough for a small print publisher to take on. And I really like some of the stories. But still I have the doubts that it sucks! I have the same doubts with Rules of War, even though those stories were all published in magazines at one point.

Doubt, you’re very annoying. Please get out of my head and go away! I put a lot into these stories, I’d like to enjoy them!

If you’d like to see for yourself:

The Child-Eaters’ Society and Other Stories

Not US? That’s okay, there’s a link at the side that will let you get it in your own local Amazon :)


Well, the short story collection has had all its betaing done now, names have been lost, waffle has been cut, and it’s off to my mother for proof reading (or my dad, whoever decides to do it) then it’s ready to go! I’ve decided to enter it in the KDP select program, which means for a while it will only be available through Amazon, in exchange for more exposure, because I’d be interested to see if this does lead to more sales, compared with the Rules of War collection which I also launched on Smashwords (so not in the program.) I’ll also be doing a giveaway of the print book, once I’ve set that up, so hopefully it will get lots of attention because I am rather proud of some of the stories in it. My first horror collection and it didn’t come out half bad :)

Other than that, I’ve nothing going on in the writing world until a market in June (then another in July, con in August and October, and a market in Nov and Dec) so nothing to do but get on with my novel writing. And so I shall.

Out and About

Well, I’ve been a fairly busy bee again. I’ve signed up to do a market on 6th April, at Sketty, here in Swansea. Another, a craft fair, on the 28th June, Scardiff, in Cardiff in October (see the Calender for details on all this)

And now, I’ve got a table for the weekend at Margam Park’s Heroes and Legends Convention. This is pretty exciting for me because a, it’s local, and b, Sylvester bloody Mccoy! :) He was my first Doctor Who and, before Matt Smith, my favourite! By then my collection of short stories, based on the Greek Myths will be out and ready to go! I’m actually rather proud of the stories, the way they came out, so am looking forward to sharing them with the world. And I have to thank Rohaa Langenhof and Natalie Walker Millman for proof reading them and helping me to perfect them (the latter for also being a very supportive friend when I had neighbour issues. I had wanted to put that into one of the stories too, but I couldn’t get it together. Maybe for a later collection :) ) I’d like to thank my parents, too, for offering to give them a final edit. They will be as good as they can possibly be by launch time and I really hope people will enjoy them.

And I set my novel finish deadline for July 27th, when I do race for life. I’m really going to have to work to get it done by then!

Spring has sprung!

About bloody time, it’s spring outside! And I’ve been a fairly busy bee. The short story myth collection have had another edit, they just need another couple of betas to check the changes and they’re almost done. I’ve signed up for two craft fairs, in Swansea, and have plans to attend a convention in Margam Park in August, which is about half an hour away on the bus, as well as Scardiff in October and the occasional pagan markets, also in Swansea. You can find all the details on the Calender section. Next year I’ll hopefully be spreading further afield with a convention in Warrington! But we shall see. I’ve also been getting on with the third book, with my target set for July as a finish for the rough draft.

And my marvelous website designer has been fiddling with the shopping section, so hopefully I’ll be able to do discounts soon, and other magical type of things!

I have decided that I won’t be selling the short story collection, Rules of War, through my website after the last three copies are gone. I want to concentrate on my newer stuff really. But you can still get the book from amazon and smashwords and so on.

So yeah. Busy bee! :)

Sunny Sunday!

We’ve had a nasty start to the year here in the UK, lots of floods, wind, rain. I’ve been lucky, up a hill as I am, no flood, nothing damaged in the wind, but it’s been noisy and scary.

But today we have sun! And with it comes that positive feeling. I’ve signed up to do Scardiff and hopefully will be doing a convention in Bath in November too. I love conventions. People are so friendly, chatty, they dress up, they get involved, and it’s nice to meet new people. Both conventions will be a first for me, as so far I’ve only done Bristol Con and the Cardiff fantasy and comic expo, which isn’t running this year, and I’m already pretty excited about both.

Along with conventions I’ll be doing race for life, for cancer research. A 5km walk, with a bit of jogging, and I also have a holiday planned for Shrewsberry to celebrate Mum’s birthday, as well as my own birthday, of course. So a busy, hopefully fun year, after a horrendous start.

And it will be the year I publish my Greek myth horror stories, they’re just in the editing stage, and finish the Children of the Shadow, the last book in the Ellenessia’s Curse series. So I better get writing, I guess!