Ah doubts

So, I spent a long time working on my Greek myth short stories, I got it checked by friends and my mum, I made sure that it was the best that it could be. And today it went live, with the cover and everything.

And instantly I regret it! I have doubts! Will it not be horror enough? Will people find it boring? Will they find it confusing? Is it not close enough to the original myths? ARG!

Never had these doubts when my novel came out, probably because a publisher did it. This I released myself because, as I’ve said before, it’s not long enough for a small print publisher to take on. And I really like some of the stories. But still I have the doubts that it sucks! I have the same doubts with Rules of War, even though those stories were all published in magazines at one point.

Doubt, you’re very annoying. Please get out of my head and go away! I put a lot into these stories, I’d like to enjoy them!

If you’d like to see for yourself:

The Child-Eaters’ Society and Other Stories

Not US? That’s okay, there’s a link at the side that will let you get it in your own local Amazon :)

Spring has sprung!

About bloody time, it’s spring outside! And I’ve been a fairly busy bee. The short story myth collection have had another edit, they just need another couple of betas to check the changes and they’re almost done. I’ve signed up for two craft fairs, in Swansea, and have plans to attend a convention in Margam Park in August, which is about half an hour away on the bus, as well as Scardiff in October and the occasional pagan markets, also in Swansea. You can find all the details on the Calender section. Next year I’ll hopefully be spreading further afield with a convention in Warrington! But we shall see. I’ve also been getting on with the third book, with my target set for July as a finish for the rough draft.

And my marvelous website designer has been fiddling with the shopping section, so hopefully I’ll be able to do discounts soon, and other magical type of things!

I have decided that I won’t be selling the short story collection, Rules of War, through my website after the last three copies are gone. I want to concentrate on my newer stuff really. But you can still get the book from amazon and smashwords and so on.

So yeah. Busy bee! :)

December already!

Somehow we have reached the final month. No idea how that happened! But I have set myself a target, 1k a day, at least, until the end of the month, and then I should have my short story collection at 40k and all finished and ready to go to publishers in the new year. I have three done now, Hylas and the nymphs, Lamia and my Orpheus story and am working on Circe. The collection will probably be about 12 stories long, which is certainly more short stories than I have ever written in my life, let alone in such a short space of time. Of course it helps that the myths are already written, I know the beginning, middle and end, I just have to put them into a modern setting.

On the selling front, my short story collection, Rules of War, does really well at face to face things, so hopefully the horror greek myth collection will too! It doesn’t do so well online though, but that’s where marketing and promoting comes in and I SUCK at that sort of thing. Give me a table I can sit behind, with my books out in front, and I’m happy. But targeting people online is hard. You can’t be too pushy, you have to find the right audience and it takes up so much time when I could be doing something else. I do worry, though, with every sale, that people will hate it. I guess because I’m not a fan myself of at least two of the stories in the collection. But different people like different things, and a magazine liked them well enough to publish them, so that’s what I have to keep telling myself.

Oh well, year almost done, no more selling occasions until 2014, I guess I better mush with the writing. :)
Have a good xmas and New year, if I don’t write anything again before Jan. :)

A matter of taste

Tomorrow I’m off to sell at a pagan market here in Swansea. I have my Shadow Seer books, part 1 and 2, and the new short story collection, Rules of War. I love selling, but I’m a bit nervous about my short story collection. I worry that there aren’t enough stories. I worry that the stories (except two) aren’t good enough. I worry that it will put people off reading the rest of my work, when the main idea was to interest people in it. I worry that people think the price is too high for such a small collection. I worry and worry.

And it’s daft. My cover artist just reviewed the collection for me. She liked, best of all, the story Homecoming, that I thought was the weakest of the lot! One I almost didn’t include. So there you are, you can’t tell what someone is going to like, or hate .If there aren’t enough stories, or the price is too high, I’m sure someone will tell me. It’s stupid to worry. The book is done. Some people will like it, some won’t, but that’s the same with anything.

And even if the entire world does hate every story in it, at least one person didn’t and that’s ok. :)

August already

Well it’s August. I had a lot planned for this year, things I wanted to do, and have only achieved two of them, I did Race for Life, and I published a short story collection, Rules of War and Other Stories (now available on smashwords, amazon to follow.) Any weight I had lost has gone right back on with three months of laziness and overeating.

But, it’s a new month, and there are still five until this year is over and done (including this one) so its time to get on! Diet beginning again today, gym tomorrow (unless the weather gives me another headache!) and I have set myself a writing target of 30k a month. That’s only 1000 words a day. Easy! But as I’ve been doing so little, having been so stuck, I thought I better start slow! Ultimately I want to finish the whole thing by the end of the year, in rough, but we shall see! I’ll do what I can while I have the motivation! I’ll try and post a word count progression regularly. Until I do, here’s a picture of the new book’s cover.


It’s pretty fab. If you do get a copy (0.99 cents. Not much else you can get for that) please do review it, and if you like it, tell your friends.

Self publishing.

Generally i don’t like self publishing. It’s too easy for someone to write something and publish it themselves and call themselves a writer, without putting any thought or effort into what they’re writing, without editing it or anything else. At conventions people always ask if I am self published, probably because they feel the same way about it. And it is easy. Smashwords, Lulu, Create Space will take your file, make it into a book, e or print, and there you are. Done. You just need to make sure you get the formatting right, and they have files to help you with that. But I am looking to do it for a small collection of previously published short stories that I have, as a way to get my name out to more people, and because i don’t really know what else to do with them. So far it was fairly easy.

But what wasn’t easy was the whole tax system thing afterwards! Those publishers are US based, if i don’t want them to keep my royalities i need a tax number and to apply to get said royaltiies. And that’s where it gets confusing. I’m british and a small business, in the UK. So i had to work out what sort of tax number i needed to get, what form i needed.

After a lot of confusion, I was directed to this website:http://rachelabbottwriter.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/uk-indie-authors-tax-on-us-royalties/ 

Which made it all easy again :)

And now i need to ring someone, get that number, and fill in some more forms to send to Create Space and Smashwords. And it’s done.

Just waiting on the cover now and hopefully my little collection of stories will be out in time for Bristol Con in October.

NOTE: I rang 08438 360065 FIRST to make the call cheaper. then 00 as the exit code for UK before dialing the number. Got through, got my EIN :)