Bristol Con: Sales and my reading!

Well, we missed the train and arrived a little later than we wanted and the day didn’t go too well from there. We only sold three books and only five people sat in on my reading.

BUT i enjoyed myself. The reading was fun to do, though scarey, and i want to do one again next year! And, watching a guy at work nearby, i realised i need to be more forceful. His book was more expensive, and self published, but he sold more copies cos he grabbed everyone who walked in. Granted, my table was half hidden by his giant poster, and tucked into the corner, but grabbing people is the way to go i think! I did meet someone who is doing an expo in Cardiff in March, though, which I will now be attending, so it wasn’t a complete disaster.

All in all, i had fun, which is the most important thing. But clearly i need to push more if i want to make millions this way! :P

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