Ah doubts

So, I spent a long time working on my Greek myth short stories, I got it checked by friends and my mum, I made sure that it was the best that it could be. And today it went live, with the cover and everything.

And instantly I regret it! I have doubts! Will it not be horror enough? Will people find it boring? Will they find it confusing? Is it not close enough to the original myths? ARG!

Never had these doubts when my novel came out, probably because a publisher did it. This I released myself because, as I’ve said before, it’s not long enough for a small print publisher to take on. And I really like some of the stories. But still I have the doubts that it sucks! I have the same doubts with Rules of War, even though those stories were all published in magazines at one point.

Doubt, you’re very annoying. Please get out of my head and go away! I put a lot into these stories, I’d like to enjoy them!

If you’d like to see for yourself:

The Child-Eaters’ Society and Other Stories

Not US? That’s okay, there’s a link at the side that will let you get it in your own local Amazon :)

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