A day in the life of a child eater.

I have a title for my Greek myth collection retelling.  ‘A day in the life of a child eater’ which will be my story of Lamia, a woman whose children were killed by a jealous Hera and who was driven to kill, and eat, other children in her madness, only in a modern setting. It will probably be a lighter tale than some of the others. Dark humor, I guess.

Along with Lamia I will be writing stories based on:

Orpheus (almost finished)
The Harpies (another humorous type tale)

And a couple of others, I’m not totally sure of yet. They have to be convertible to a modern setting, which isn’t easy for some of them, where the characters become swans, or trees.

Also not sure how my sense of humor will translate into stories, but that’s part of the fun, right? :)

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