Heroes and Legends Convention

Well my first proper convention with like famous people from TV and film is all over and it was SO GREAT. Okay, I didn’t sell as much as I would have liked, but I did sell some books and jewelry and mugs, and people thought my jewelry was pretty, which is always nice. And dragging the suitcase about was a nightmare as Port Talbort train station has no sodding lift and the case was crammed with books, but it was worth it I think, as I had a fun, wacky time indeed.

We were in a room with Darth Vader himself, and a man selling tonnes of toys, including a Trapdoor Burke, which I wish I had purchased. Next door were some people I didn’t know, signing pictures, and in the room behind was Rimmer and Holly from Redwarf! Also in attendance on the first day was a darlec, K9 and some aliens.

On the second day we had Iron Man, a party cat robot, and my mum went on a ghost tour with Holly and Rimmer, and the former poked her and tried to scare her! I saw him at the train station and he waved from the train :) Mostly because he heard us giggling across the platform as I tried to get mum to wave at him.

Mum took a lot of photos, which I will add to the gallery in due time. At the moment you can find mine on facebook and I will be updating as soon as I can :)


I’ve been having luck selling at craft fairs, meeting new people and getting my books out and about into the world, but this weekend is the Heroes and Legends convention in Margam Park. I’m pretty excited. This is the biggest convention I’ve done, with famous actor type people that I’ve actually heard of going to be there, I’ve got lots of copies of my books, as well as the jewellery I’ve been working on based on them, and some other bits and pieces, so hopefully it will all go well! Review of it to follow!

Been a bit stressed recently. As I’m a writer full time, I get benefits to help support, but they have decided in their ‘wisdom’ that as I cannot guarantee an income (what creative, self employed person can ever guarantee an income?) they have cut me off. So I doubly hope to do well this weekend so I can show them how stupid and *insert swear* they are.

But I did get a really nice review of my short story horror collection on Amazon. It made me feel better to know that a, people like my writing, b, I can write creepy, and c, my editing worked because the characters were all clearly identified and in the original version of the Hecuba story, that wasn’t really true!

So, on I go. :) Writing and hoping and waiting for my mum to turn up.