Sunny Sunday!

We’ve had a nasty start to the year here in the UK, lots of floods, wind, rain. I’ve been lucky, up a hill as I am, no flood, nothing damaged in the wind, but it’s been noisy and scary.

But today we have sun! And with it comes that positive feeling. I’ve signed up to do Scardiff¬†and hopefully will be doing a convention in Bath in November too. I love conventions. People are so friendly, chatty, they dress up, they get involved, and it’s nice to meet new people. Both conventions will be a first for me, as so far I’ve only done Bristol Con and the Cardiff fantasy and comic expo, which isn’t running this year, and I’m already pretty excited about both.

Along with conventions I’ll be doing race for life, for cancer research. A 5km walk, with a bit of jogging, and I also have a holiday planned for Shrewsberry to celebrate Mum’s birthday, as well as my own birthday, of course. So a busy, hopefully fun year, after a horrendous start.

And it will be the year I publish my Greek myth horror stories, they’re just in the editing stage, and finish the Children of the Shadow, the last book in the Ellenessia’s Curse series. So I better get writing, I guess!

New month, time for update!

Going to check in the first of every month, just to see how I’m going.

Diet, okay. Exercise not so much. Gotta do better.

More importantly, I have finished the short story collection, bang on target. Okay, I had to drop one story, and I might be able to introduce a replacement in a week, when I’ve had a break from it, but basically, it’s done. And it has a cover.

Which is fabulous, as you can see :) I’m hoping to get it released by end of April. There will be a rafflecoptor giveaway, for a copy of the print, and ebook, so stay tuned! The page with info about the book is already up, so check it out under the Fiction: short story tab.

And on with book 3. :)