On writing horror.

Sunday Mum and I went to Scardiff, a new horror convention in Cardiff. And it was excellent. People dressed up and there were all sorts of things to buy, handmade jewellery, dragons, dolls, zombie bears, and, of course, lots of authors selling their wares. I got talking to one, who I had met the day before at Bristol Con, and hopefully will be selling books with her at conventions to come. And one of the things I hope to have done, and be selling, is my horror short story collection, inspired by the greek myths.

But I have never written horror before. Dark fantasy, yes. But not horror horror. Horror is different from fantasy, because it is set in this world, and that is what I think makes it harder. Fantasyh is other world, a world of magic, so demons, dragons, zombies, ghosts, they can all exist because reality as we know it is already suspended. But horror is in this world and it is the supernatural, the other world, co exisiting with the one that we know. And that’s what makes it difficult. Getting my own brain to let go of the idea that zombies are silly, that witches can’t really raise the dead, that ghosts aren’t real, and believing that, for a while, they can be, because if I can believe it, I cna hopefully ghet the reader to believe it too.

ANd that’s before I even tackle mood, descriptions of the creatures, setting, characters, and all the rest of it.

But today is Halloween, a day of ghosts and monsters, so in that spirit I say sod it. Sod reality. Sod my over obsessive brain. I shall just do it and see what happens.

First, Orpheus, the singer torn apart by followers of Dionysyus.

And then, Medea.

And then, who knows! :)

Happy Halloween :)

Out and about

Well, some how it’s October and that means Bristol Con. This year it’s October 26, but at the same place, so if you’re there, come along and say hello. Everyone is very friendly. And this might actually be my last one, perhaps for just a while, perhaps for good, I’m not really sure. It depends on how well sales go, and there are lots of other conventions out there that I would like to attend, some which do clash, and with money woes, I can’t afford to do all of them each year, so have to pick and chose. Speaking of Bristol Con, tho. At my very first one I sold four copies of the Shadow Seer, one to a woman who promised to review it. Two years passed, no review, so I thought she must have hated it, as she said if she did she wouldn’t write a review at all. And then yesterday I found that she had written a review and she loved it. You can read the review here: I am chuffed, I have to say. She says nice things about me AND the book. But, of course, with that chuffed feeling is the self doubt. Is the rest of the series as good? Have i lost my skill? Is it a mistake to set Candale aside for a bit to work on something else? God alone knows! All i can do is feel pleased that I have at least one good book, that someone loves and carry on!

As for being ‘out and about.’ I’m doing another Pagan Market in Dec and next year I plan to do the Cardiff Comic Expo again, and perhaps a convention in Bath. We will have to see. For now, on with the Forest of Ghosts. Let’s see if I can finish it this year . . .