New project

I have a masters degree in Ancient History, but I’ve never really done much with it. I would have loved to get a Phd, teach women and magic and greek tragedies, but it wasn’t to be.

But, with a friend, I will at least put that masters to use. We’re going to do a short story collection of ancient myths. Not the ones that everyone knows, not Troy, and Odysseus, but others, Medea, Arachne, that sort of thing. My friend will be setting hers in the ancient world, but mine will be in the modern world, in places that I know. We have yet to decide on the eight that will be done, but I already can see problems in that most of my favourite myths seems to involve revenge and child killing/eating. Clearly my four stories will be horror! But I like the idea of doing something different, and yet familiar. I haven’t written horror horror before, or many stories set in the modern world, so this will be an exciting sort of challenge, and dealing with things that I loved best about my degree and masters, women, magic and tragedy.

Now just have to work out what myths to do, and how to do them.


A matter of taste

Tomorrow I’m off to sell at a pagan market here in Swansea. I have my Shadow Seer books, part 1 and 2, and the new short story collection, Rules of War. I love selling, but I’m a bit nervous about my short story collection. I worry that there aren’t enough stories. I worry that the stories (except two) aren’t good enough. I worry that it will put people off reading the rest of my work, when the main idea was to interest people in it. I worry that people think the price is too high for such a small collection. I worry and worry.

And it’s daft. My cover artist just reviewed the collection for me. She liked, best of all, the story Homecoming, that I thought was the weakest of the lot! One I almost didn’t include. So there you are, you can’t tell what someone is going to like, or hate .If there aren’t enough stories, or the price is too high, I’m sure someone will tell me. It’s stupid to worry. The book is done. Some people will like it, some won’t, but that’s the same with anything.

And even if the entire world does hate every story in it, at least one person didn’t and that’s ok. :)