Ideas. They come from random places. While listening to Paula Cole’s Hush, about a gay boy dying of aids, I got the start of the Shadow Seer. And while watching Sky’s Sinbad, I have ideas for expanding and excitifying my Forest of Ghosts, (though the title is now the City of Ghosts) sadly, I have two projects to finish before I can get on with that. But when I do there will be an abandon city and more ghosts than you can shake a stick at, not to mention the zombie ghost type creatures, and plenty of cats.

As it stands those other projects are moving slowly, due to my love of procrastination. The Children of the Shadow is on hold until i finish my faerie short story for the collection. But then I’m going to push on and finish it. Target is the end of the year, but as previous targets have been May and my holiday in September, who knows if i will do it! When i do a little robot necklace will be my reward. So if i want that necklace, and if i want to write my new project, with all its cats, I’d better stop writing this and get on with it!

Before then, Bristol Con, less than a month. Books are ordered, but until they come I can’t order flyers or poster, so it’s all a little last minute stress. Nothing new there though!

Chester: future inspiration and some idea gathering

Just returned from a holiday in Chester with the parentals. It’s a gorgeous city, old buildings (tho not all medieval as they appear, some are Victorian) haunted, and with a roman amphitheater. there is also a zoo fairly near by. All in all, a great place and a fountain of inspiring ideas. The Forest of Ghosts will be featuring some of the gorgeous buildings, with their half timbered fronts, carvings, black framed windows and ‘the rows,’ a series of shops above shops, with outside streets to access them. It will also have a zoo, i think, although whether my hero, Sylan, will get to visit it, I’m not sure yet. Certainly i may use some of the ghost stories i heard on the ghost tour. I think that using real places, real things, and making them your own can make a book more vivid, more real, and means i can use photos to create a gallery of that world to help show what i mean.

Sitting on the train to Chester I managed to get a couple of ideas together for my faerie short story collection, which is what I’m working on at the moment, just to give me a break from Dale’s saga for a while. Currently I’m working on Seven Years, which is about the creation of a witch. But i have stories in mind featuring Jenny Greenteeth, and another with one of the hellhounds. We shall what will become of it.